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Quantachrome is very proud of over 45 years of developing innovative analytical laboratory instrumentation including automated gas, organic vapor and water sorption analyzers, gas displacement pycnometers, flow chemisorptions/TPx analyzers, surface area and pore size analyzers, mercury porosimeters, capillary flow porometers, representative powder samplers and tap density analyzers.  We are proud that our instruments are being used to solve some of the most pressing problems facing mankind such as clean energy, alternative fuels, novel catalysts, CO2 sequestration, and pollution abatement.   Quantachrome Instruments products are also found in leading academic and commercial laboratories that are focused on improving the physical and performance characteristics of novel new age materials such as battery and fuel cell materials, heterogeneous catalysts, hierarchical catalysts, graphene, MOF’s (metal organic frameworks), pharmaceutical powders, ceramics, carbons, zeolites, advanced mesoporous and microporous materials, biomaterials, foam materials, pigments, and food products.

Catalysts Applications: Physisorption, Chemisorption, Porosity, Density Gas Stoarge Applications: CO2, Fuel Storage, Hydrides, Gas Separation Applications: Pharma Shelflife, Surface Area, Water Sorption Rates, Hydrophilicity, Fingerprinting & Representative Sampling
MOFs/Hybrid Materials Applications  Applications: Lithium Batteries & Separators Application:Water Sorption, Water Activity,Ceramic Dating, Bioceramics
Applications:Water Activity, Water Sorption Rates, Dehydrated Foods, ShelfLife, Milk Powder Applications: Carbons &  Characterization Applications: Mesoporous Zeolites and Mesoporous Molecular Sieves & Characterization
Applications: Wovens & Non-Wovens    

Quantachrome’s philosophy is to not just provide superior technology, but rather provide technology solutions that meet our customers’ particular application needs. Although the same analytical instrument might used in a myriad of industrial and academic material research and characterization, our goal is to marry the performance benefits of our instruments to your unique application needs. Our mission is to not only provide you a superior analyzer, but rather to provide you with an instrument that performs to meet your particular application needs in a superior fashion.

To provide you this application oriented approach, we have developed deep technical expertise in the plethora of applications that our products serve. We have a world renowned application science staff that does ground breaking research, in collaboration with numerous global research partners. Our scientists regularly travel the world giving lectures, symposiums, and workshops on the state of the art of adsorption, and characterization of nanoporous materials. We have numerous PhD scientists on staff that have held positions in leading academic and commercial labs prior to joining Quantachrome. Our science staff also sits on the bodies of many ASTM, ISO, and IUPAC committees. Our Director of Applied Science, Dr. Matthias Thommes, is also scientific consultant for the NIST (U.S. National Institute of Standards) FACT (Facility for Adsorbent Characterization and Testing) laboratory in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.