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Chemisorption- B.E.T.- Brunauer Emmett Teller


Data Screens

TPR Data Screen


TPR Data Screen



BET Data AcquisitionThe ChemBET can determine total (BET) surface area with remarkable sensitivity. By flowing various mixtures of nitrogen and helium over the sample cooled with liquid nitrogen, the surface area can be determined from 0.1 square meters upwards. Using mixtures of krypton and helium the limit of detection is extended down to 0.01 square meters. A single-point B.E.T. result can be obtained in under ten minutes. PC software records the signals automatically, computes the multipoint B.E.T. surface area and prints a report which includes specific surface area, B.E.T. "C" constant, y-intercept, slope and correlation coefficient of the least-squares best-fit.


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