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Particle analysis

PentaPyc 5200e /PentaFoam 5200e Specifications


Gases Used:
Ultrahigh purity compressed gas regulated to a pressure of 20 psig (see accessories). Helium is recommended. Nitrogen or SF6 are suitable alternative gases for helium-permeable materials. Any other non-corrosive dry gas may be used for special applications.
Purge Modes:
Continuous flow for solids, pulse mode for powders.
Flow Rates:
User selectable with precision needle valve(s).
Digital pressure display resolution of 0.0001 pounds per square inch (psi).
Stainless-steel spheres standard; NIST traceable values optional. Each instrument supplied with a full set of spheres housed in protective, padded wooden box.
  • Small, 7.070 cm3, 2 spheres
  • Medium, 28.958 cm3, 1 sphere
  • Large, 56.559 cm3, 1 sphere

Ethernet port for PC, 2 x USB for printer and thumb drive. RS232 for electronic balance. (PC, printer & balance not included; USB thumb drive included.)

100-240 V; 50/60 Hz
PentaPyc / PentaFoam 5200e
Performance: Accuracy Repeatability
135 cm3 cell < ± 0.02% < ± 0.01%
  50 cm3 cell < ± 0.03% < ± 0.015%
  10 cm3 cell < ± 0.2% < ± 0.1%
  4.25 cm3 cell
  1.8 cm3 cell
  0.25 cm3 cell
Based on clean, dry, thermally equilibrated samples and sample occupies at least 75% of nominal cell volume.
    Weight 32.7 kg (72 lbs.)
    Width 41.6 cm (16.4")
    Depth 57.8 cm (22.8")
    Height 32.4 cm (12.8")

Temperature Control (requires external bath/circulator, not included).


Available Accessories : Gas regulator assembly, vacuum pump, printer, bath/circulator.