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Quantachrome Instruments: Porous Materials Characterization - Surface Area, Pore Size, Density

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XeriPrep™ Degasser

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Sample preparation involves the removal of surface contaminants by heating the sample under vacuum. To more effectively prepare multiple samples and to fully utilize the high throughput capabilities of the Autosorb-6B, and Quadrasorb, Quantachrome has created the Autosorb degasser.

The Autosorb DEGASSER has six preparation stations side-by-side for easy access. Each station has its own heating controller for independent operation. Each controller has a novel 'ramp' capability that gently increases heat at a selected rate. Individual digital heat settings and temperature metering assure accurate and repeatable degassing conditions. The heating of each sample is terminated manually or by a timer.

The rate of the initial evacuation can be limited to prevent elutriation (removal) of fine particles. After degassing, each sample cell is filled to ambient pressure with any dry, non-adsorbing to protect the sample from air contamination during transfer to your gas sorption analyzer.

Includes vacuum pump, heating mantles and cold trap dewar.
Sample cells sold separately.


For use with:  Autosorb-6iSA   -  Quadrasorb-SI

Degas method: vacuum
Sample stations: 6
Max temp.: 350oC
Cold trap: yes
Timer: yes
Ramp controller: yes
Evacuation rate: adjustable
Dimensions: (H)74cm x (W)77cm x (D)40cm
Weight: 72 kg


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