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Quantachrome Instruments: Porous Materials Characterization - Surface Area, Pore Size, Density

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autosorb iQ

A major leap forward in gas sorption measurement technology

iQ3 Product Overview

A highly sophisticated gas sorption analyzer available with one or two physisorption analysis ports for surface area analysis and pore size measurements, both of which can be equipped for low pressure micropore analysis including optional 0.1 torr transducer(s) (see XR models).

Metal-to-metal (VCR) fittings employed in the measurement manifold(s) for extremely low leak rate, a dedicated Po (saturation pressure) transducer, and a long life dewar (90+ hours, even with two samples) are all standard features. 12mm, 9mm and 6mm sample cells (with or without bulbs) offer the most sample-type flexibility.

One port is available as a chemisorption station, complete with high temperature furnace with fan-assisted cooling. The chemi- version is also offered with optional flow-based measurement capabilities (TPX, pulse titration). The chemi station retains full physisorption capability.

A vapor dosing option is available for both physi-and chemi-units and features a 50oC thermostatted manifold chamber.

The two built-in degas stations (turbo pumped vacuum is standard on the MP and C models) feature computer-controlled ramp/hold/test protocols, a dedicated cold-trap, and optionally a second (dedicated) vacuum system. No need to degas on the analysis stations thus preventing contamination of the analysis section.

The host of models, options, accessories, configurations and upgradeability make the Autosorb-iQ the most advanced instrument of its type available today, and one PC can control up to 4 autosorb-iQ units.

autosorb iQ

iQ specs    Gas sorption animation

pdf iQ Brochure
pdf iQ Brochure (Spanish)
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pdf iQ-3 Product Overview
autosorb iQ iQ-AG
autosorb iQ iQ-Chemi
autosorb iQ iQ-MP


Sub-ambient temperature physisorption measurements at temperatures other than those of liquefied gases (eg LN2, LAr) are important for studying gas storage and separation using structured porous materials. This powerful and precise thermostat affords isotherm measurements from 20K up to 320K without liquefied gases or additional heating device.

Thermostatted Bath

Thermostatted Bath:
For measurements at, or around, room temperature (e.g. vapor sorption studies with Vapor option, or CO2 at OoC) chiller/heater/circulators are available. more...

autosorb iQ

Calorimeter Interface:
Heats of adsorption are another important parameter associated with state-of-the-art applications using porous materials. These enthalpies can be measured calorimetrically using this accessory to interface the iQ to a third-party calorimeter.

autosorb iQ

Mass Spectrometer:
The capability of the "Chemi" model is greatly enhanced by the addition of a quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS). This accessory is "close-coupled" requiring no additional bench-space, and is just as capable but much more cost-effective than a separate stand-alone QMS system..

 The iQ Series

iQ-AG iQ Chemi iQ-MP  
iQ-AG iQ-Chemi iQ-MP  

The AnyGas model uses any suitable gas for high resolution, high sensitivity physisorption studies using a 1000 torr transducer and rotary pump. It is optionally offered with two analysis stations, and is up-gradeable to Chemi and MP versions.

Details, complete specifications, and options...

The Chemisorption model has the necessary additional features for characterizing catalysts using flow methods of preparation and static isotherm measurements, yet retains all of the advanced physisorption abilities of the MP version. A second physisorption station can be added.

Details, complete specifications, and options...

Now available with optional 0.1 torr transducer: iQ-Chemi-XR

The MicroPore model features a high-vacuum system and additional low pressure transducers for high-quality, detailed micropore studies in addition to the capabilities of the AG model. It is available with a second micropore analysis station, and can be upgraded to the Chemi version.

Details, complete specifications, and options...

Now available with optional 0.1 torr transducer: iQ-MP-XR


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