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Cryosync: Cryocooler Accessory

Autosorb iQ - Chemisorption
(& Physisorption) Gas Sorption Analyzer

autosorb iQ-C-MP/XR


When bench space is at a premium and maximum capability is essential. The only combined chemisorption-physisorption manometric analyzers available with built-in degassing stations and optional second and third micropore- capable physisorption ports. Built-inTCD options for flow methods of catalysts characterization, options put this model even further ahead of the field.

Autosorb iQ-C-MP: turbo vacuum, 1/10/1000 torr transducers

Autosorb iQ-C-XR: turbo vacuum, 0.1/10/1000 torr transducers

These analyzers are unrivalled in catalyst characterization capability: one moment they are rapid surface area and pore size analyzers, the next they are measuring active metal area and dispersion, and even temperature programmed analyses.

The mass spectrometer option is truly unique and remarkably cost-effective, being close-coupled via a built-in vacuum chamber and a gas sampling system.

Note that the C-MP/XR (chemisorption) models retain all of the Autosorb iQ MP/XR physisorption capabilities.

autosorb_iQ_Chemi with Mass Spec
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Other models in the iQ series




These chemisorption models are available with or without BET/mesopore physisorption capability. Ideal when micropore size distributions aren't needed, or your lab already has sufficient physisorption capability. The physisorption-capable model includes four degassing stations and the option to add up to more physisorption stations.

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The physisorption-only micropore model feature a high vacuum system and low pressure transducers for high-quality, detailed micropore studies. They are available with up to three micropore analysis stations. Each "MP" analysis station is equipped with its own dedicated set of pressure transducers: 1 torr, 10 torr, 1000 torr. It can be upgraded to the Chemi version.

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