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MasterPrep Degasser- Gas Sorption Sample Preparation

Six-Port, Vacuum and Flow Degasser for Surface Area and Pore Size Analysis Sample Preparation

The MasterPrep is designed to provide users of the AUTOSORB, QUADRASORB SI and NOVA surface area and pore size analyzer series with high-throughput sample preparation. Each of the six sample preparation ports features an independent furnace and digital temperature control allowing many samples to be simultaneously prepared under different conditions. Operating in either flow or vacuum mode, the MasterPrep provides the right sample preparation method for any type of material. Flow and evacuation rates are operator selectable. A six-channel digital temperature controller allows for independent temperature programming (up to 20 steps) on each sample preparation port. Programming may be performed via Windows® PC interface or directly at the controller. Six separate cooling stations hold samples under flow or vacuum conditions after preparation.


MasterPrep Degasser
Quantachrome's MasterPrep Degasser