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Quantachrome Instruments: Porous Materials Characterization - Surface Area, Pore Size, Density

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Monosorb: Rapid B.E.T. Surface Area Analyzer


The Monosorb uses the rapid dynamic flow method for determinations of single-point B.E.T. surface area.


Speed - The Monosorb:

  • requires as little as 6 minutes to complete an analysis,

  • uses small quantities of sample resulting in short outgassing and analysis times,

  • utilizes the most modern and reliable method for extremely rapid and accurate B.E.T. surface area measurements,

  • doesn't require void volume measurements and ideal gas corrections.

The high degree of sensitivity of the Monosorb allows the use of samples weighing less than 1g and provides the measurement of surface areas as low as 0.01m2 .

The upper limit is over 250 in the cell. The reproducibility is better than 0.5%.

The accuracy of the Monosorb is limited only by the applicability of the single point method, which is usually better than 5% and on most samples errors less than 1-2%.

Monosorb Analyzer

Versatility - The Monosorb permits the user to:

  • choose the correct concentration of adsorbate to give results identical to the multipoint method,

  • use many different adsorbates in addition to nitrogen, such as, argon, krypton, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other non-corrosive gases,

  • use a wider variety of sample cells allowing measurements to be made on many diverse sample.

    tri_top.gif (143 bytes) with the push of just one button, the sequence of adsorption, warming of the sample cell, desorption and display of the surface area, all occur without operator intervention.

    tri_top.gif (143 bytes) AUTOCALIBRATE feature guarantees proper calibration at all times.

    tri_top.gif (143 bytes) built-in Flow Controller provides the ultimate in flow stability.

Physical Specifications
Power - 100-120V or 220V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions - 25½"H x 12"D x 24"W (65cm x 31cm x 61cm)
Weight - 53 lbs. (24 kg)

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