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4 Port Gas Sorption Analysis

Four Station Surface Area Analyzer and Pore Size Analyzer has been replaced with Quantachrome's New & Improved Quadrasorb evo™

The QUADRASORB SI is a state-of-the-art, high-performance Surface Area Analyzer and Pore Size Analyzer with four independent analysis stations to meet the throughput needs of any research or quality assurance laboratory wanting reliable and accurate BET surface area results from a surface area analyzer with full adsorption and desorption capability for detailed pore size distributions. Two models are available, the standard SI version and the low-pressure SI-Kr/MP version, (includes 1 torr low pressure transducer and turbo pump).

Four sample stations with individual P0 measurement at each station.

All stations can use 12mm, 9mm or 6mm glassware for maximum flexibility.

Automated, independent dewar elevators for each analysis station, plus self adjusting dewar covers.

RTD sensors at each station ensure automatic control of coolant at a level that ensures minimum cold zone and maximum sensitivity.

Stainless steel dosing and sample manifolds with metal-to-metal (VCR) seals.

Transparent blue cover protects sample stations and dewars during analysis operation. Opens vertically for easy access to analysis stations.

Communication port for PC control via Windows® based software.

Two and Three station versions available.



The QUADRASORB-SI for standard applications using a variety of gases.

  • Fully automated, four-sample port analyzer for surface area, pore volume and pore size measurements.

  • High resolution adsorption and desorption isotherms to detect fine pore structure detail.

  • Each of the four analysis ports includes separate and independent dewar (coolant flask) with coolant level sensor, pressure transducer and P0 (adsorbate saturated vapor pressure) measurement station for simultaneous measurements yielding maximum throughput and flexibility.

  • Each analysis port can be independently programmed with different analyses and measurement conditions.

  • New samples can be started on each port as prior measurements are completed with little, or no, delay to other samples already in progress.

  • Long life dewar flasks for measurements lasting up to 30 hours with liquid nitrogen.

  • Choose from two measurement techniques: Patented NOVA helium-free method or classical helium void volume method.

  • Multiple gas dosing methods to optimize analysis time and resolution: 1. MaxiDose™ automatically adjusts dose size in response to sample demand; 2. Constant Dose volume (0.1 - 10 cc per data point); and 3. Delta Volume which adds data points in regions of large uptake so critical pore filling is never missed.

  • Low maintenance, vacuum volumetric system with temperature monitored dosing manifold.

  • Windows® based QUADRAWin software provides for instrument control and a comprehensive range of classical and modern models for reporting surface area and pore size.

  • Wide range of sample preparation accessory units (Degassers) to meet the need of any laboratory (supplied separately).


QUADRASORB SI -KR/MP for low surface area and micropore measurements.

  • All of the functions of the standard model QUADRASORB SI plus low surface area measurement via Krypton adsorption or low pressure micropore characterization.

  • Includes low pressure (1 torr) sensor and patented oil-free turbomolecular vacuum system.

  • Performs Krypton gas sorption measurements for very low surface area determination, eg. pharmaceutical actives, powdered metals, etc.

  • Provides low pressure adsorption data (as low as 4 x 10-5 P/P0) necessary for more complete characterization of microporous materials, eg. zeolites, activated carbons, molecular sieves, etc.