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XeriPrep Degasser- Gas Sorption Sample Preparation

Flexible Sample Preparation for
Surface Area and Pore Size Analysis


Since 1988 the Autosorb Degasser has been the premier productivity engine for busy surface and material characterization laboratories across the globe. The latest evolution in this tradition is the XeriPrep degasser, multi-sample preparation unit. Ideal for R&D, commercial labs, and multi-user laboratories.

  XeriPrep Degasser


New & Improved Features
  • Six independently controlled stations.

  • Individual temperatures and ramp rates.

  • Software controlled temperature profiles.

  • Windows® based software with custom degas parameter programming capability.

  • Built in cold trap for clean vacuum.

  • Built in vacuum pump with oil mist filter.

  • Turbo pump option for high vacuum applications.

  • New lighted touch controls.

  • Electronically actuated valves.

  • Evacuation rate control to prevent elutriation of fine powders.

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XeriPrep Degasser Call-out image


  • Flexible Throughput:
    Use any of the independent sample ports at the same or different temperature.

  • Custom Protocols:
    Program and save your run protocols for reproducible degassing.

  • Reliable:
    Built on proven technology platform.

  • Precise Control:
    Uses electronically actuated and controlled valves.

  • Convenience:
    Lighted controls clearly indicate valve status.

  • Compatible with:
    Autosorb 6B, Autosorb 6iSA, Autosorb iQ, Nova Series, Quadrasorb, and iSorb.



  • Sample Stations: 6

  • Degas Method: Vacuum

  • Cold Trap: Yes

  • Max Temp: 450°C optional

  • Temperature Control: Via PC Software

  • Evacuation Rate: Coarse, Medium & Fine

  • Dimensions: Height 29” (74cm) x Width 30.5” (77cm) x Depth15.8” (40cm)

  • Weight: 159 lbs. (72 kg)

  • Vacuum Pump: Included (turbo pump optional)