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Complete Powder and Porous
Materials Characterization

Quantachrome Material Characterization Laboratory, offers a broad range of powder and porous materials analysis in support of research and development, production and quality assurance requirements. These analyses are important for materials including:

Battery and Energy Storage Materials Metal Powders, Oxides, and Alloys
Medical Device Components Filtration Media
Catalysts Dental Materials
Ceramics Polymers
Cements Shales
Pharmaceuticals Carbons
Zeolites Silcas
MOFs Dozens of other porous materials and powders

Our laboratory performs a wide range of testing, including:

BET Surface Area/ Pore Size Analysis by Mercury Porosimetry
Capillary Flow Porometry Pore Size Analysis by GasSorption
Density (True/Skeletal and Tap) Specialized Testing Using Physical Adsorption or Chemisorption Techniques

Our fully equipped laboratory is staffed with professionals in the disciplines of chemistry, physics, and engineering. Our lab has served the needs of thousands of clients world-wide for more than 25 years. All results are backed by our scientific staff with world-renowned reputation in characterization of the physical properties of materials. Our facility has built a standing for technical capability, practical measurement know-how, accurate and state-of-the-art data analysis and interpretation, and extreme sensitivity to the confidential nature of our clients' analytical requirements.

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