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Automatic Pore Size Analyzer

The PoreMaster series consists of three automatic mercury intrusion porosimeters offering new concepts in automated pore size analysis.The PoreMaster 33 porosimeter achieves a maximum pressure of 33,000 psia for pore size measurements in the range from over 1100* micron to 0.0064 micron pore diameter. Two low pressure stations plus one high pressure station.The PoreMaster 60 porosimeter generates pressure to 60,000 psia for pore size analysis from over 1100* micron to 0.0036 micron pore diameter.  Two low pressure stations plus one high pressure station.For greater sample throughput, you might be interested in the two high pressure stations offered by the PoreMaster GT Series.

* Calculated using contact angle of 150°

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Automatic PoreMaster
The automatic PoreMaster® mercury intrusion porosimeter.