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Particle analysis


Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter Operation


The PoreMaster Series has been designed to yield outstanding results for both experienced operators and those new to the technology.
      check.gif (53 bytes) Easily assembled penetrometers accommodate powders, pellets and bulk solids, minimizing the required sample cell inventory.
check.gif (53 bytes) Low pressure stations can be programmed to simply evacuate and fill one or two sample cells (penetrometers), or to perform complete low pressure intrusion/extrusion analyses.
check.gif (53 bytes) User selectable evacuation rates avoid powder elutriation (fluidization) to keep the vacuum system clean and trouble-free.
check.gif (53 bytes) Automatic refilling of penetrometers tops up the mercury level to ensure the maximum measurable pore volume in subsequent high pressure analyses.
check.gif (53 bytes) At the click of a mouse, analytical sample parameters are automatically transferred from low to high pressure ports to eliminate transcription errors and increase productivity.
check.gif (53 bytes) Built-in oil reservoir, pump and solenoid valve combine to automatically purge bubbles from the high pressure cavity prior to pressurization thereby eliminating errors due to the undesirable presence of air.
check.gif (53 bytes) Data is automatically acquired and displayed in real-time. Data files are created and stored in user selectable directories without any operator intervention.
check.gif (53 bytes) Optional Mercury Contact Anglometer is an economical and convenient means for accurately determining the mercury contact angle for a given material.