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Density Analysis of Solids and Powders

True Density Analysis of Solids by Gas Pycnometer


Pentapyc 5200e Gas Pycnometer

Five station, automatic gas pycnometer for specific volume and true (skeletal) density measurement of porous solids and powders. Each of the five stations can be individually "tailored" for different sample amounts/shapes. Features data archiving to PC (Ethernet) or USB flash/thumb drive, interface to electronic balance and USB printer port. Easy-seal covers ensure reproducible operation. Thermostatted version available. more...

Pentapyc 5200e density analyzer

Ultrapyc 1200e / micro-Ultrapyc 1200e

Single station automatic gas pycnometers for volume and density measurement of porous solids and powders. Ultrapyc 1200e up to 135 cm3 sample volume, micro-Ultrapyc 1200e down to 0.1 cm3. Like the Pentapyc 5200e, it operates via keypad or your PC and standard web browser. Same standard features as the Pentapyc. Additional vacuum purge option reduces consumption of analysis gas. more...

Ultrapyc 1200e density analyzer

Ultrafoam 1200e & Pentafoam 5200e

Upgraded pycnometers for cellular plastics etc.; both conform to ASTM D6226. Pre-programmed modes include open and closed cell %, isometric compressiblity and rigid foam fracture. Both retain all the features of the standard automatic pycnometers including normal density mode, with rapid switching between methods. more...

Ultrafoam open cell analyzer


Autotap / Dual Autotap

Tap density analyzers for bulk density and powder packing tests including Hausner Ratio and Carr index for predicting flowability. Built-in counter for error-free operation. Automated one and two sample models feature unique adapters for range of sample cylinder volumes. Also used for envelope (geometric) density measurement by dry powder displacement. more...

Tap Density Analyzers