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Rifflers & Degassers

Rotary Riffler™

A circular vibrating bowl which is amplitude-variable and controls the delivery rate of the initial sample powder. A sample collector which is a rotating disc holding eight test tubes. Size of the test tubes may be varied to accommodate the initial sample size. more...

Rotary Micro Riffler

Gas Sorption Sample Preparation Degassers

XeriPrep Degasser

Surface and material characterization laboratories have relied upon the Autosorb® 6 Degasser since 1988. The latest evolution in this tradition is the XeriPrep™ degasser, multi-sample preparation station. This product includes the ability to utilize six independently controlled stations via a Windows software. The XeriPrep™ includes a built-in cold trap for efficient removal of condensible at low degassing temperatures and clean vacuum. XeriPrep comes standard with a dual stage, magnetically coupled vacuum pump with oil mist filter, or with an optional turbo pump option for high vacuum applications. more...

XeriPrep Degasser


Vacuum/Flow preparation unit for Quadrasorb-SI and Autosorb-6B. Individually heated stations with programmable temperature ramp. Individual cooling stations. Connects to PC for easy setup and data logging. Vacuum pump and sample cells not included. more...
MasterPrep Degasser


Recommended for all surface area analyzers. Six sample ports, single temperature zone: ideal for quality control and fixed protocol applications. . Vacuum pump and sample cells not included. more...

FloVac Degasser