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New IUPAC Task Group  
New IUPAC Task Group - Physisorption of Gases, with Special Reference to the Evaluation of Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution. For more info.
Characterization of Porous Solids and Powders: Surface Area, Porosity and Density; S. Lowell, J. Shields, M.A. Thomas & M. Thommes, Springer, (2004). For more info.
Review Articles-Invited Book Chapters
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Selected Recent Research Paper

R Guillet-Nicolas, R Ahmad, KA Cychosz, F Kleitz, M Thommes, "Insights into the pore structure of KIT-6 and SBA-15 ordered mesoporous silica–recent advances by combining physical adsorption with mercury porosimetry", New Journal of Chemistry 40 (5), 4351-4360 (2016)

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