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Partners in Science
Dr. Charles Thibault

Scientist at Quantachrome

Dr. Charles G. Thibault

Dr. Thibault, Quantachrome's new product development manager.Dr. Thibault has more than 30 years in the analytical instrumentation field. After earning his PhD in analytical chemistry at Tufts University, Medford, MA, he joined Bruker Instruments, where he developed software for the control and analysis of NMR and Mass Spectrometers. In 1995 he moved to Leybold Inficon in Upstate New York where he helped develop a portable GC-MS for field identification and quantification of volatile organic compounds. While at Inficon, Dr. Thibault was involved in the development of a variety of instruments, including residual gas analyzers (RGA), thin film deposition controllers, particle size analyzers, and a variety of techniques for monitoring the semiconductor fabrication process.

In 2007, Dr. Thibault joined Quantachrome Instruments, initially managing the new product development efforts and later joining the Science Group, where he was involved in application development, research, support, and training. He is currently product manager for several key products in Quantachrome’s extensive lineup. Some current areas of interest include dynamic water vapor adsorption (DVS), RHX dating of ceramics, high-pressure gas adsorption applications, and the use of seismoelectric currents for porosity and pore size analysis.
Dr. Thibault is Quantachrome’s product specialist for the Aquadyne DVS, iSorbHP, VSTAR,
DynaSorb and ChemStar product lines.

Dr.Thibault can be reached by email at