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Windows® Operating System Compatibility

Quantachrome Instruments has determined that the latest versions of our software programs listed below work as intended on the Windows® operating systems shown, subject to the notes indicated.
Table 1. Compatibility chart for Quantachrome's software products and Windows operating systems.

For Use With


Win 95

Win 98

Win ME

Win NT 4



Win XP Home Win XP Prof. Win Vista Win 7 32bits Win 7 64bits Win 8 32bits Win 8 64bits
Autosorb-iQ, 1.02           + + + + +    
Autosorb-iQ, 1.11           + + + + +    
Autosorb-iQ, 2.00             + + + +    
Autosorb-iQ, 3.00             +     + + +
Autosorb-iQ, 4.00             +     + + +
Autosorb-iQ, 5.00             +     + + +
Autosorb-iQ, 6.00                 + + +
Table 2. Operating system-specific observations.



Windows 7


Compatibility was tested using Windows 7 (64-bit edition); The user should have administrative rights.

Windows Vista


Compatibility was tested using Windows Business Vista (32-bit edition); fresh installation (i.e. not an upgrade from Windows XP). The user should have administrative rights.

Windows Vista


For software supplied on a CD, autorun will not perform the installation automatically on the Windows Vista operating system. The software is easily installed “manually” by running setup.exe.

Windows Vista


The Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) program is no longer included with Windows Vista. Therefore, our Help files are not supported by the Windows Vista operating system as supplied. You can download the Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows Vista by visiting

Windows XP,
Windows 2000


Both Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home editions are compatible operating systems.

* Windows XP Professional only

Windows XP,
Windows 2000


Earlier versions of Quantachrome’s software products may have tested successfully for compatibility with these operating systems. Please contact Quantachrome for more details.


Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista are either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.