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Porosimetry- Gas Sorption, Mercury Intrusion, Porometry

Porosimetry / Porometry Measuring Pore Size by Gas Sorption, Mercury Intrusion, Electroacoustic Spectroscopy and Capillary Flow Porometry

Quantachrome offers instruments for determining pore size by gas adsorption, mercury porosimetry and capillary flow porometry.

Gas adsorption techniques permit pore radius measurements from approximately four Angstroms to five hundred Angstroms employing both classical mesopore and newer micropore methods. See Gas Sorption - Principles of Operation.

Mercury porosimetry provides measurements of pore radii from several million down to eighteen Angstroms. See Mercury Porosimeter - Principle of Operation.

Capillary flow porometry measures the pore size distribution of through-pores, typically of filters and membranes.
See Capillary Flow Porometry - Principle of Operation.